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Deep Brain Stimulation
Our department is the only one in Pennsylvania offering both awake, frame-based DBS and asleep, interventional-MRI based DBS to treat Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders.... Learn more >
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Comprehensive Cerebrovascular Care
Our department offers one of the most comprehensive cerebrovascular care centers in the country, treating all forms of vascular disorders of the brain and spine in a multispecialty environment.... Learn more >
Gamma Knife
Gamma Knife
Our Gamma Knife program is one of the leading stereotactic radiosurgery programs in the world, having performed over 12,000 procedures and serving as a leading international training site.... Learn more >
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Human Neural Prosthetics Program
The Human Neural Prosthetics Program is a multidisciplinary effort exploring the utilization of brain computer interfaces for improving the lives of patients with motor disabilities. ... Learn more >
EEA Course
Endoscopic Endonasal Approach
EEA minimally invasive neurosurgery was pioneered at the University of Pittsburgh. The procedure allows neurosurgeons to reach deep-seated tumors and allows patients to quickly return to normal life.... Learn more >
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Leading Minimally Invasive Spine Treatments
The University of Pittsburgh Spine Services Division has advanced a number of innovative spine procedures featuring less trauma and offering patients reduced hospital stays and quicker recovery times... Learn more >
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High-Definition Fiber Tracking
Innovative HDFT technology has been implemented at the University of Pittsburgh allowing for accurate studies of structural brain connectivity in patients and in research activities ... Learn more >


New Test Accurately Profiles Brain Tumors
GlioSeq, a next-generation, gene-sequencing test developed by Pitt researchers, helps oncologists guide treatment planning of brain cancers. Read more>
Richardson Featured in Dell.com Article
Article focuses on how new wave of neurotechnology is changing the way we study the brain and treat neurological diseases. Read more>
Hippocampus in Epilepsy on Journal Cover
Human Brain Mapping features Mark Richardson article discussing novel approach to find aberrant connections in certain hippocampal structures in temporal lobe epilepsy. Read more>
Pitt Neurosurgeons Receive AANS Awards
Several University of Pittsburgh neurosurgeons have been selected to receive awards for abstracts at the upcoming American Association of Neurological Surgeons annual meeting. Read more>
Aneurysm, AVM Support Group Begins Feb
The UPMC Department of Neurological Surgery Aneurysm and AVM Support Group will have their first meeting of 2016 on February 17. All patients and families are welcome. Read more>
PNA Features Fernandez-Miranda
Director of Surgical Neuroanatomy Lab and Fiber Tractography Lab spotlighted in Pituitary Network Association's Highlights eMagazine. Read more>

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