Info for Medical Students

Faculty participate in teaching clinical neuroscience and neuroanatomy to first- and second-year medical students. Several such Pitt medical students spend elective time doing clinical research with faculty members from various centers in the department. During their surgery core clerkship, third-year medical students may elect to take a two-week introductory subspecialty experience in Neurosurgery.

Selective fourth-year medical students at the University of Pittsburgh as well as visiting medical students from other schools may elect to take a four-week clinical subinternship on the neurosurgery services at UPMC, during which they participate in all phases of the training program as well as in supervised patient care services.

Requests for Fourth Year Visiting Elective Applications from students attending LCME accredited medical schools will be accepted beginning in March prior to starting your fourth year. Assignments will be made after our fourth year students finalize their schedules at the end of March. To request an application please visit the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs website.

One-month clerkships offered to senior medical students from other medical schools attract 10-20 students each year. In their senior year selective students may participate in ongoing research projects in the Department of Neurological Surgery under the supervision of an advisor. This experience trains students in basic neurosurgical research techniques and procedures and offers in-depth education in basic neurosciences. Other medical students seek a more formal and longitudinal exposure to neurosurgical investigation, and complete an approved scholarly project. Pitt medical students often use this educational opportunity as the base for their required graduation scholarly project.

The course Introduction to Clinical Neurophysiology exposes students to the Neurophysiology Laboratory, where they learn to use electrodiagnostic tools to study clinical neurological disorders in humans. Instruction also is provided in intraoperative and ICU monitoring. Students participate in patient testing and analysis of results, and they also can take part in research projects in electrophysiology and computational data analysis.

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Lukehart at (412) 647-6777.

Pitt Med Neurosurgery Interest Group

The Neurosurgery Interest Group at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is devoted to fostering an interest in the exciting field of neurological surgery. The group connects medical students to key resources in the Department of Neurological Surgery and provides opportunities to shadow, conduct cutting-edge research, and network with the department.

The group hold several talks throughout the year dedicated to various aspects of neurosurgery including neurotrauma, deep brain stimulation, and neuro-oncology. Those interested in neurosurgery are encouraged to participate in events and attend meetings.